Monday, March 1, 2010

GALLERY U delivers again.  A
rescheduled from a snowstorm
INFAMOUS opens to a packed crowd
on Sunday night.  This standing room
only, elbow-to-elbow event attracts
the most creative, progressive and
influential Jersey Crowd along with
DUMBO hipsters, Manhattan
intellectuals and suburban
skater-boyz.  With INFAMOUS
portraits of Al Capone, Marylin
Monroe, Mae West, Sid and Nancy,
Betty Paige, Kate Moss via self
portrait by Seatttle based
photographer Gregory Moon, it was a
who's who of infamy.  The show was
perfectly curated as evidenced by the
amount of red stickers around.  
Pieces came off the wall, new pieces
went up - it was almost like seeing
two shows in one.  The pumping
diversified music ranged from
Marlene Dietrich to the Sex Pistols,
Whitney Houston and Amy
Whinehouse kept the crowd moving,
socializing and grooving. There was
no quiet moments and the door kept
opening allowing for that crisp cool
breeze in along with three or four
new patrons at a time.